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this is so beautiful look where where we are we’ve made so much progress look how far we’ve come the meaning is moaning future unfolding past isn’t choking the present… ongoing day after day like flowers in May we bloom and we faint crying out for the sake
Rather 03:38
Sunny day, shadows in the closet. Wake me up The rain is soaking forests. Breathing on when breathing is a gamble. Wake me up When the doors are open. Let it out! Your glue is feeling tired. Wake me up! My glow will be rewired. Love again when the show is sober. Tuck me in! I want it to be over. Let the bugs out, They’ll survive. Stars & nights with melted hearts How don’t you follow me Rather than being free Stars & nights with melted hearts How don’t you follow me, rather than being free Start the closet Raining forest Breathing gamble Wake me over feeling tired be rewired Love is sober want it over
Square 03:49
Steppin’ in, in the square No emotions, no one's there Lay your brain on the other side Pick a spot and go outside Empty circles on the sight Different weather, different time Am I there yet or is it time? Need a hint, must check the light Lost in my travel like a blind man on the brink of the existence Endlessly waiting for the endless wait on the brink of the existence Always in motion, going deep Words are heavy, silence cheap Time gets thinner in the square Same adventures every day
Igrá 05:11
Razodetje kot jutro budi Rosa boža cvetje ampak ti mižiš čas molči, ko ukrivlja nas Iz dneva v dan, gledam stran, preusmerjam tok misli V njih tisočkrat utrjen stih, a rabim le zadnji stik ... bledi, ostane glas do kosti. boli, srce igrá za vas Dooolg razkorak med srcem in glavo Ne pusti, da pustim Jate ptic nad mano Bolestno drhtim kopnim Ko bledi, ga izpira čas Do kosti boli, srce igrá za vas Ko spomin bledi v vodi, ga izpira čas Do kosti boli, srce igrá za vas
Forgotten 04:02
Keep me high when you leave summer, carry me the pride, always left behind. Don’t you dare to take away flames my memories made. Across the sea there’s something. Something so far, man can not harm Across the sea there’s nothing, but nothing is like everything. Like. Time stole my mind living for giving don’t let me be forgotten find me in time stole my mind giving forgiving don’t let me, don’t let me, be forgotten Now all I have is their bed, on my way close to be nothing, but nothing is my everything. Like.
Suol 04:00
Craving for more, left behind but then again i press rewind. It clicks. Another link to find the line that I fit in. The sweetest taste of the lips last forever, tremendous shakes beneath my legs don’t call it, don’t call it, it’s not the line Sky licks the sea lifting all what matters, she stripped me down, just to leave me nothing. My dept appears underneath her weather, she stripped me down, just to leave me nothing Sailing away can last forever, then I hit fear to disassemble. Her hands are carving me, shaping me, like she needs me. Well kept feels in our little boxes. Leaks could harm our reputation. Barks, like sparks, hitting than melting skin.
Hard thoughts never die never dive so far in deepnes. Under your mask emptiness is it deep enough to forget? Am I close enough to lick your tears could their bitter taste open up my feels? Would you beat me harder than a lie? let me stare in despair under the light say our love is different say our love is time, a line, no influence say our love is different say our love is time, a line, no purpose Save me from my hypes take me back, bring me to life. ‘cause if we hold on sober, sins blow away our things harder. Let me close enough to lick your tears, let their bitter taste drive me out here. You can beat me harder when I look into your eyes, you can take my despair under the light
Ko se stemni v sobi prah pobira zvok, pristaja na blago a kriki v glavi skelijo kot nož, ki reže sveže meso. Več ne verjamem v krilate podobe možgani čustva kroje. Ker rast ubija strast, ostane prazno nebo. Rabim noči. Noči, da užijem sanje s sanjami živ preletim... Grabim strasti, da se ovijem vanje. Vidim le. Vidim le, ko se stemni.. Rabim noči, da užijem sanje s sanjami preletim vrhove. Grabim strasti, da se ovijem vanje vidim lah-ko se stemni v sobi.
Dive 03:33


vocals and guitars - Maks Bembič
bass guitar and moog - Jaša Hedžet Jajo
drums - Gregor Brajkovič Brajko
guitars and synths - Jakob Sever

recorded, mixed, produced and mastered in BearTracks Recording Studio by Robi Bulešič

artwork by Žana Šuran


released September 26, 2022


all rights reserved



NOAIR Koper, Slovenia

A quartet, sailing its sound between idyllic melodies and self-destructive chaos, categorize themselves as alternative pop. They’ve released two albums, performed on the Izštekani unplugged radio show, published a series of online gigs called “Live Behind the Curtains” and played a bunch of clubs. Their sound recalls Jeff Buckley, Muse and Radiohead, melting together elements of many genres. ... more

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